Paul Warren

Starting out using film at a young age I began to develop a want, a need to create more, to create better, to have freedom in my media. I'll be honest I was afraid of digital for a long period of time. The process, the editing, the use of color was foreign to me. I wouldn't be the artist I am today, the person I am without the help and push from very good friends. But who wouldn't? 

I started to experiment with digital as soon as I picked it up. Loving and following photographers like Joel Robison, Sarah Ann Loreth and many others like them. They inspired me, drove me to do better. To be better. 

Creating images is my safe haven. I've used photography for so many years as an escape route, a healthy distraction into a world that only I create and have control of. Since I am heavily into fantasy that interest tends to shine through my ideas and final images. 

Thank you for visiting this page and I hope you enjoy the work.